From family business
to a family of businesses


Entrepreneurship is in our genes. For almost a century, we have been delivering high quality fats and proteins for animal feed, pet food, fertilisers and Oleo chemistry. With the production of these commodities, our mission statement is clear: quality, durability and consistency.

A family business

Marcel Van den Berghe was the founder of our company and the founder of our vision. After having operated for almost 20 years as a successful butcher, he founded the Bavegemse Vetcompagnie in 1953 (Baveco). Baveco fulfilled a historically important role as fat melting factory and producer of animal fats for human food, in the form of baking and frying fats.

A family of entrepreneurs

The second-generation Van den Berghe, Marcel’s sons Etienne and Robert, saw further opportunities in the sustainable processing of animal by-products. In 1974 they founded Cominbel, until today still specialised in the collection of animal by-products and the processing of those into animal protein and fats for non-human consumption. For example, the fat is used as raw material for soap and biodiesel. Our processed proteins (formerly known as “bonemeal”) are used in pet food and fertilisers.

Our LIPA Family

Entrepreneurship means for us in the very first place that we exploit our economies of scale. The LIPA Family was created to make further optimisations, synergies and innovation possible. We continuously commit ourselves to the consistency and quality of our sustainable solutions for the recycling of organic waste streams, in a socially and ecologically responsible way.

A family of businesses

Since 2005, the third generation, Jan and Wim Van den Berghe, has been responsible for the good leadership. Under their impulse, the family vision was turned into a modern and sustainable group of companies, the LIPA Family. This group brings together all our activities relating to the collection, processing and export of proteins and fats for both human as well as animal and technical application.