Quality, safety, innovation
and full traceability


For nearly 50 years, Cominbel has been known as a highly reliable partner for the collection and processing of animal by-products and for the production of raw materials for animal feed, pet food and fertilisers. That, of course, is no coincidence. Our continued focus on quality, sustainability and innovation, keeps un searching day after day for room for improvement. Only in this way can we guarantee the best service now and in the future.

Careful selection of raw materials and suppliers
Continuous improvement and innovation of our production process
Application of all the provisions with relation to HACCP, OVOCOM and FAVV
Full traceability of incoming and outgoing products
Continuous control of samples by internal and external laboratory
Customers get a sample and laboratory report upon each delivery


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Integrated quality policy

Special attention to quality in raw materials, production, finished products and service. It was spoon-fed to us. The founders of Cominbel, Etienne and Robert Van den Berghe, started this way in 1974 and the next generation still does it the same way almost 50 years later!

We put the highest care in the selection and purchase of our raw materials from slaughterhouses, cutting plants and butchers. Our animal protein and fats are only produced on the basis of the best animal by-products derived from approved animals of suppliers with an excellent reputation. That way we prevent harmful contaminants in finished products.

Our production process is characterised by the highest possible care for quality and safety. We are not merely satisfied with “as good as ever”, but we constantly commit ourselves to prevention, innovation and improvement. Therefore, the most recent requirements with relation to HACCP, the FASFC-guide for animal feed and the GMP-Manual of OVOCOM are meticulously applied.


Safety and traceability

Both the incoming unprocessed as well as the outgoing processed products are carefully recorded. Copies of the shipping documents of the incoming and outgoing flows are kept at least 3 years internally. We follow the rules concerning this, imposed by art. 9 of the regulation (EC) 1774/2002, very closely. This way the full traceability of our animal by-products is always guaranteed.

Also, samples from each transport of our finished products are taken. One copy of it is transported to the customer, a second copy is kept for 6 months at Cominbel. That way we can track and avoid the causes of potential problems.


Safety and traceability

At Cominbel, we have our own lab where we continuously monitor and analyse our products both during and after production. For all outgoing fat, checks are always carried out on both physical properties (colour, smell and optics) and chemical parameters (FFA, insoluble impurities).

We also work with an external laboratory for determining and controlling peroxide, moisture and impurities, soapability and PCBs, pesticides, polymerised triglycerides, fat content, heavy metals and fluorine. Our customers get a report of this analysis upon every delivery.

For the outbound flour both colour, granulometry as well as the smell are checked during the physical control. By means of the NIR, the chemical properties are checked, including the protein, fat, ash and moisture content. To ensure the accuracy of the results, at Cominbel, we always invest in the most advanced laboratory equipment.

Safety / Standardisation / Accreditation