High quality raw materials for animal feed, pet food,
oleo-chemistry and
fertiliser industry


Cominbel processes animal by-products to valuable and essential raw materials for the production of animal feed, pet food, oleo chemistry, biodiesel and (organic) fertilisers. We offer sustainable solutions for the recycling of animal waste streams, in a socially and ecologically responsible way. With our circular production processes, we contribute to a better future.

Collection of bones and fatty animal by-products
Originating from slaughterhouses, cutting plants and butchers
Processing into high-quality animal fats and proteins
To new raw materials for animal feed, pet food, oleo chemistry, bio-diesel and fertiliser industry
According to the strictest (quality) standards
Total service and consistent quality thanks to our great LIPA family

High-quality animal fats and proteins for animal feed,
pet food, oleo chemistry and fertiliser industry


High quality fats and proteins

Cominbel processes animal by-products of category 3, in accordance with the applicable regulation 1069/2009 & 142/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 03/10/2002 laying down health rules concerning animal by-products not intended for human consumption.

The waste streams processed by us consist primarily of bones and fatty by-products from slaughterhouses, cutting plants and butchers. These waste streams originate both from cattle, pigs, small ruminants as well as poultry.

All of our collected by-products collected meet the most stringent requirements and the most recent (quality) standards.


For animal feed, pet food, oleo chemistry and fertiliser industry

Our animal protein and fats are produced exclusively with the best animal by-products derived from approved animals and from suppliers with an excellent reputation. With the utmost care and with particular attention to safety, these are processed at Cominbel and afterwards delivered to our customers.

The EU prohibits the feeding of animal protein to food-producing animals, and that is why our processed animal protein is only used for pet food and for the fertiliser industry. The animal fats are sold for animal feed, pet food, oleo chemistry and bio-diesel.


Tailor-made service, from A to Z

Cominbel is part of the LIPA Family, a group of 11 companies active in the production and recycling of both animal as well as vegetable oils, fats and proteins. With our whole group we produce fresh basic substances for human consumption and processed organic waste streams into new base materials for animal and technical applications.

Thanks to our centralised structure, our LIPA Family pulls the strings from production to transportation and logistics. That’s why you can always count on a fast and flexible service at the best price and with a guaranteed constant and high quality.

Short communication lines ensure that our customers can always count on a competent and flexible service. That is why Cominbel has been your reliable partner for almost 50 years for the collection and processing of animal by-products.



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